Castor PlantWe used highly selected organic seeds grown from the beautiful mountains of Haiti. Our product is different not only by using the best organic Palma Christi seeds but the unique earth magnetic field lying underneath the blue mountains of Hispaniola.

The process of making castor oil begins by gathering the castor beans from the castor plant. After the castor beans are thoroughly washed, they are then laid out in the sun for one day until they are dry. Once they are dry, the castor beans are sifted through in order to remove any beans that are not at the peak of perfection. The castor beans are then roasted over an open fire of 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit and ground up into a paste.

The bean paste is then boiled for approximately 1 1⁄2 hours until the oil from the paste rises to the top of the water. Once it rises to the top, the bean paste is removed from the heat and allowed time to cool down. The oil that rose to the top is scooped out and boiled once again to ensure that all of the water has evaporated.

The oil that remains is filtered twice in order to remove any debris that remains from the bean paste.


It is great for thinning hair, hair growth, tighten face skin, stretch marks, dark spots and thicken eyebrows to name a few.

Directions for use:

For use as a Hair Growth Grease:

You can simply apply the oil directly to hair from roots of the hair to tips. Leave it on as grease and may repeat weekly for best results.

For use as Hot Oil Treatment:

You may simply warm up the castor oil in a small cup or bowl. You will need to warm up a sufficient amount that is enough to cover the entire hair. Place a cap on your hair and sit for 30 minutes. Repeat weekly for best results.

For use of Stretch Marks:

You will need to apply the oil to the affected area (s) at least twice a day and make sure that you are massaging that area (s) in the circular motion. In 2-4 weeks, the lines should be less visible.